About Us

Shenzhen Huaxin Printing Co., Ltd. was established in April 1999 and has a factory area of 16,000 square meters.

It has a full range of advanced equipment and production processes for pre-press, printing and post-printing.

The services provided include publishing printing, packaging printing and commercial printing.

The main long-term customers come from China, Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Latin America.


Product and Service
The company has advanced equipment, attaches great importance to the construction of management system, and has passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14000, QC080000, etc., has the qualification of publication and trademark printing, independent import and export rights, is a member of China Shenzhen Printing Association, a director unit of China Shenzhen Quality Association, and is an influential printing and packaging enterprise in China's Pearl River Delta region.
Business printing

notebooks, manuals, folding, special-shaped color pages, 

desk calendars, document bags, self-adhesives, stationery sets, 

gift sets, etc 

 Packaging printing

Corrugation Box, Gift Box, 

Folding Carton, Showcase Box, cardboard boxes, 

handbags, etc 

Publishing printing

hardcover books, paper books, text books, children's books, cook books, hardcover albums, periodicals, book sets, toy sets, etc 

Systematic construction of the factory

safety card

The products include indoor, outdoor, plant and animal chapters. It is the first product to fully introduce common safety scenarios for children.

Core competitiveness
certification system guarantee

        • GB/T 190001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 Quality  Management

      • ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management

    • IECQ QC080000:2017 Hazardous Substance Process Management

the ultimate cost control

    • Centralized procurement of raw materials
  • Loss control in the production process
  • Continuously optimize the use of resources

advanced production and supply mode
      • 16 years of experience in international supply chain

    • The supply method for pre-planned inventory stocking

  • A high-quality supplier to several international high-tech companies

  • Dedicated service team
  • Whole-process tracking delivery mode
  • 7 days * 12 hours response service

advanced production and supply mode
market positioning
Market positioning: Based on printing technology and services, focusing on customer needs and supporting customer achievements.
Service scope: Continuous optimization and growth, providing end-to-end delivery solutions for packaging printing, book printing, and commercial printing.